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The La Jolla International Brain Initiative (IBI) meeting on November 2 marked the final in-person gathering of the IBI Coordinating Body in 2018. This followed on the IBI meeting achievements in May 2018 in Daegu and Seoul, Korea, hosted by the Korea Brain Initiative, and in July 2018 in Deneva, Switzerland, hosted by the E.U. Human Brain Project. These earlier meetings resulted in the drafting of the Vision and Aspirational Goals of the IBI, and discussion of established and emerging working groups, including a global inventory of brain projects, neuroethics, data sharing & standards, tool & technology dissemination, training & education, communication & outreach, and the IBI Coordinating Body framework.

Key topics for discussion at this final 2018 meeting included the IBI meeting roadmap for 2019, the IBI organizational structure, and presentations from the established and emerging working groups based on completed scoping documents. 



2 November 2018


La Valencia Hotel and Spa
La Jolla, CA, USA



Stephanie Albin, The Kavli Foundation
Tasia Asakawa, International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)
Amy Bernard, Allen Institute for Brain Science
Jan Bjaalie, E.U. Human Brain Project (HBP)
Robert Conn, The Kavli Foundation
Yves De Koninck, Canada Brain Research Strategy
Jim Deshler, U.S. BRAIN Initiative – National Science Foundation (NSF)
Gary Egan, Australian Brain Alliance
Melina Hale, IBI Working Group – Inventory of Brain Initiatives
Sung-Jin Jeong, Korea Brain Initiative
Linda Lanyon, International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Organization (INCF)
Xianzhi Lyu, Chinese Consulate General, Los Angeles
Aggie McMahon, The Kavli Foundation
Caroline Montojo, The Kavli Foundation
Toshihisa Ohtsuka, Japan Brain/MINDS
Jean-Baptiste Poline, Global Brain Consortium
Alex Pouget, International Brain Lab (IBL)
Linda Richards, Australian Brain Alliance
Karen Rommelfanger, IBI Working Group – Neuroethics
Paul Sajda, IEEE Brain Initiative
Kim Scobie, Simons Foundation
Terry Sejnowski, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Edda Floh Thiels, U.S. BRAIN Initiative – National Science Foundation (NSF)
Pedro A. Valdès-Sosa, China Brain Project
Andrew Welchman, Wellcome Trust
Samantha White, U.S. BRAIN Initiative – National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS/NIH)
Gary Wilson, Gatsby Charitable Foundation
Bin Zhang, Chinese Consulate General, Los Angeles
Jialin Zheng, China Brain Project

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